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Feeding My Family

The majority of people in the Northern Regions of North America are carrying enormous burdens, and are trying our best with limited means and resources to feed our families and to build a more sustainable future. We face complex challenges, systemic barriers and a slew of compounding factors that affect all living costs. We are not able to employ many of the usual fixes for food insecurity, especially in the short-term (such as greenhouses), due to extreme cold conditions, limited sunlight, remoteness of our fly-in communities, and mostly because of the blindingly high construction and maintenance costs.

The Feeding My Family Facebook Group has been working hard to bring awareness to the fact that the HIGH COST OF FOOD is
preventing many Northerners from living healthy, happy and productive lives. From Northern Labrador in the east, to Northern Alaska in the west, we are using this group as a forum where Northerners can come together to work toward positive change, despite the distance that separates our communities.

We've been listening to what our group members have been saying here over the months and have come up with a list of current objectives for the Feeding My Family Group.
They are as follows:
1. Encourage Northerners to empower themselves to create independence from within the people at the grass roots level.
2. Unify people across the North to share one voice.
3. Encourage Government policy-makers and retailers to find better ways to lower the cost of food (Nutrition North Canada [NNC] is not doing enough).
4. Encourage new food suppliers to operate in the North in order to increase competition and lower prices.
5. Encourage improvements in food quality through better inventory control, such as: Removing inedible and rotting food from store shelves; Proper food shipping and handling; and Reducing transit time for perishable foods.
6. Encourage establishment of more Food Banks.
7. Work with Government and other NGOs to improve the overall quality of life for Northerners.

We give our heartfelt thanks for your support and for your concern. Together we can find solutions and help to provide food security to the vast majority of people in the North who struggle daily to make ends meet. We are fighting to be able to provide quality and affordable staples for our children, our future. There is hope - but we need your help!

Nakurmiik, Qujannamiing, ᖁᔭᓐᓇᒦᖕ, Matna, Koana, Merci, Thank You;